Sprinter conversion

Well this was an unknown venture, a customer dropped his van off from Leeds and said here sort this, so we came up with a plan and started to strip it out to change it round so it was more user friendly. The further in the worse it got, bad insulation, leaks, condensation, rust, poor wiring and so on.

Having only done T5 / Transit size Van’s plus never done cupboards before I totally underestimated the extra work in a long wheelbase van compared to the regular swb Van’s. So it got to the stage where we had to totally start again, completely strip it out, wash down, sound deaden, foil line, new insulation, new sky lights, new 12v wiring, rewire the mains system, move the night heater, new bespoke ply lining, new carpet and altro flooring and then the cupboards. We bought lightweight furniture ply, fixtures and fittings from Moorland in Welshpool then had to design and hand make every piece of wood. This took time, lift it in, mark it, take it out, cut it , lift it back in, mark it, trim it, back in and sooo on. He supplied me with all the new furniture, oven seats, skylights etc, the rear seat had to have a steel frame made up, new shower, new water system, but we got there in the end, we hope you like it as much as he did.

Adam’s T5

This was an electritrians van with racking etc when I first saw it, they wanted the combi seats to stay and the soft floor mat but sort the rest out. Some of the van had been insulated and some not, so we stripped it out and replaced the bad and left the good, all the cables were run, including mains hook up, split charge kit, sockets, lights, and USB ports. The head liner was removed and carpeted and a nea 1 piece ply roof was made along with a center plinth to accommodate door led’s, speakers and a 5m led strip light. The leisure battery aas fitted under the driver’s seat and a double swivel base on the passenger side then curtains on the windows to finish off.